My 5 favorite things to do with pre-cum

If you’ve ever indulged in a little guided masturbation phone sex with me, you’ll know all about my feelings toward pre-cum. I love it! It’s so much fun to watch and play with – I always make sure you produce plenty for our stroking fun and games!

Playing with Pre-cum

  1. Use a big bead to provide the tiny little bit of lube needed for the Head Swirl technique I’ll have you perform when you masturbate for mistress, which fires up the nerve endings on your cock head so you enjoy enhanced sensitivity.
  2. Juice up those nipples! You like having your nipples licked, flicked, pulled? Use a little pre-cum to make pulling on them a little challenging. You’ll want it so much more…
  3. Lip Gloss! Swipe it on your lips and gently breathe through your mouth until it starts to get sticky and dry. Now moisten with your tongue and revive its gooey texture.
  4. Smear it on your lower belly and enjoy the sight of how big that sticky patch is getting.
  5. Juice up MY nipples – oh yes…imagine stroking it over my nipples and kissing it off.

How to Make More Pre-cum

If you read my piece about massaging the root of your cock, then you’ve got a good start in the right direction. But if you really want to take it to a truly remarkable level, you might consider downloading my little instructional audio entitled ont-ils des licences ?Bien que les premiers en ligne apparaissent au milieu des années 1990, la faible qualité des installations Internet a plutôt freiné son”>Tickle Your Taint – Part 1… especially now that you know what I like to do with all that pre-cum. Listen below to a 10-second teaser clip to see if it’s up your alley.


1 comment to My 5 favorite things to do with pre-cum

  • coffeeboy

    Ms. Brianna, i served a Domme once who took great pleasure in making me use my pre-cum as lip gloss. then, She’d have me smoke, making sure i concentrated on the initial slickness of the filter & taking great delight, when it turned sticky & my fingers would slip down the cigarette as the filter was almost glued to my lips! Cruel Woman! lol

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